MNSCUG February 2017 Notes

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User Voice – Use your votes!! 

Express updates are coming.... 

Third Party Tools 

ConfigMgr Deployment Reporter -

Works for Applications, Packages, Baseline, Software Updates, and Task Sequences 

Requires read access to the SCCM DB 

The Task Sequence node will show what step(s) a device has done 

Conifig Task Sequence Monitor - 

Also works with MDT 

Requires read access to the SCCM DB

SCCM Client Center -

Connects to individual computer do perform a TON of SCCM actions 

Requires WinRM to be enabled. This can be done through Group Policy - 

This tool provides the PowerShell scripts that is being used to get the information you want!! You get the code! 

Microsoft Support Center - 

Comes with a

LogLauncher - 

System Center Store -

PowerBI SCCM Template 

Need PowerBI desktop

SCCM Template - 

Step by step for Azure - 


And another way -,-or-whatever-you’d-like-to-call-it 

And yet...another way - 



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