MNSCUG July 2017 (OSD Day) Notes

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OSD Day!

Mikael Nystrom of TrueSec, Microsoft MVP

Windows 10 Servicing what is it?

Short Answer Every March and September a new version of Windows will come out. (Example for 2017 €“ 1703 and 1709.) These releases are NOT production. They don't turn into production for four months. Meaning 1703 will be production ready in July. 1709 will be production ready in January 2018. 

Long answer:

Windows 10 reference builds no longer need to run the WSUS cleanup script.

Windows 10 reference builds no longer need to run the WSUS reset script: UNLESS......the machine will be a workgroup machine. If that is the case you will need to delete the registry keys that point to the MDT WSUS Server. 

Image Factory - 

Windows Configuraiton Designer - 

Nice to know €“ Switzerland is not Sweden. They are different countries that are 22 driving hours apart. 

Gary Blok €“ OSD troubleshooting 

Use DISM to drop WinPE drivers in the custom image. 

For DELL €“ Run Dell Command Connect softwareor DELL €“ Run Dell Command€¯ 

This tool goes out to the internet, grabs the correct drivers based on model as well as BIOS updates. 

Instead of removing the built in Windows 10 apps, use AppLocker. 

Use Site List Manager to redirect certain web pages to use IE11. 

Mike Terrill - 

In SCCM 1702 you can now extend Hardware Inventory for SMS_Firmware (UEFI) 


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